The top fiction althistories are the most well written, plausible (in the universe which it is based), comprehensive alternate histories on the wiki. They are written with the utmost care and attention to detail, they are presented in a hierarchical structure, and contain various supplements (pictures, flags, drawings ect).

What makes a top fiction alternate historyEdit

There are several things that go into the making of a top article;

  • Well written - the style, punctuation and spelling are taken into account, and are of professional standard
  • Plausible - The POD and events following are plausible to the fictional world being written about
  • Comprehensive - All articles pertaining to the alternate history do not leave out any major detail, and all articles are in continuity with each other and the overarchy timeline
  • Portal Page - The alternate history contains a portal page linking other articles of the alternate history to it and explaining the POD clearly, and small following events
  • Structure - The structure is (almost) always written in a hierarchial structure, and the articles have a moderate, but not overwhelming content
  • Supplements - The articles and alternate history have visuals such as flags, photos, videos, tables and maps

Nominating Edit

If you believe an article has matched the requirements above, you can prepose the articleon this page. Requirements must be matched though;

  • An author cannot nominate its own alternate history
  • All users are able to nominate an alternate history and have to explain why they are nominating it
  • All users are able to vote yes or no for it to be a top fictional alternate history
  • The nominated alternate history would become a top fictional alternate history if, after a month, the nomination has 3/5 of the overall vote

Sample NominationEdit

Use the following format for all nominations;

Portal Page

Why it is being nominated and why it should be a top alternate history, then sign your name

Supporters - Why you support it, sign name

Objectors - Why you oppose it, sign name

Nominations and VotingEdit

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