Fictional Alternate History (FAH) is a form of alternate history that has it's basis in a fictional universe. A broad definition of an alternate history is where an event has been altered so our timeline (OTL) causing events to change in the proceeding universe, thus creating an alternative timeline (ATL). Using this definition of alternate history, it can be applied to fiction as well.

Elements of the FAH

Using this definition of an alternate history (An author has made a conscience change to the past at a point in time, or point of divergence (POD) to affect the present) we can apply this to fiction. A fictional alternate history must contain'

  • A change in the past that would alter the present of the universe;
  • the change has to occur and be based in a fictional universe and
  • examine the ramifications of such change in the universe

However the alternate history does not have'

  • Extensivly spell out of the POD;
  • to be set during the POD or in the past and
  • to change the entire world in the universe 

A fictional alternate history can be summed up like this; 1. has to be based in a fictional universe; 2. does not have to contain macro-level changes (changes that affect the world) and can contain micro-level (or personal changes) and 3. must contain a point of divergence that has changed history of the chosen fiction, however, if the fiction is based in the future, but is written from a point in which the past of the fiction has been altered, it is still a alternative history..

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